Licensed Product Manufacture

Operational Overview

We manufacture and pack both bulk (2kg to 25kg) and retail products dependant on retail film pack sizes (between 10gm and 1kg packs) and are currently in the process of installing new equipment in the areas of frying and retail packing.

licensed products

Pack Size & Styles

We are currently able to pack in sizes ranging from 10gm to 1kg in a retail size bag; these can be either in a plain multi-bag, standard box or shelf ready packing, or between 2kg to 25kg in a bulk pack for further repacking.

Packing styles for retail sale can be standard Pillow pack, Quad (four corner) pack, party tubs, party trays and buckets. Bulk packing is in pillow style bags.

The products can be packaged in our own designed brand films “Premium”, “Nageena”, “Giants”, “Touch of India” or “Wild About” as well as plain film with own customer labelling, customer designed own brand wrapping.

licensed product manufacture