Company History

Ghulum Ahmed Nazir came to the United Kingdom in 1970 and founded the original company A. Nageena (meaning ‘a diamond’) in Forest Gate, London from his house supplying local friends with products that were made using traditional methods and ingredients. This grew slowly and local outlets became interested.

In 1980, news about the company spread by word of mouth and the products were taken by more and more small outlets and the first A. Nageena factory was created. It was a small industrial unit in Kentish Town, London; it had basic equipment and was semi-automated with noodle extruding.

With the continued growth of business, by 1988 the unit in Kentish Town was soon too small and the company moved to a larger unit. This was in the Limehouse area of London, to a unit of 6,000 sq ft. This was the foundation of the company today, using basic traditional equipment, methods and processes with basic quality standards. The client base grew to include cash and carry’s such as Bestway.

The continued growth of the company necessitated the expansion of the company and in 1992 (Shabaz Ahmed, son of Ghulum) joined the company as Managing Director, with Ghulum Ahmed Nazir remaining as owner.

Arrival of a laser sorting machine on 15th March 2013, unveiled by Mr Shabaz Ahmed (Managing Director, UK Snacks Ltd)

With continued growth the company moved again in 2002 to the purpose built site in Stratford of more than 20,000 sq ft to accommodate extra production volumes, better quality standards, and higher profile customers including major multiples. The company still maintains a basis of traditional methods combined with modern technology and techniques.

With London being awarded the Olympics, the site was forced to move to a larger new build site in Leyton (40,000 sq ft) giving the company an ideal opportunity to expand its warehouse and production facilities and to automate many of its processes. It now competes with other ethnic snack food companies and leads the way forward for the ethnic snack market in the UK and Europe. UK Snacks Ltd has been on this purpose-built site since 2009.

Currently the company is expanding its customer base with bulk and retail packing for major multiples both onsite and via third party packers, introducing new packing formats to reflect current trends, starting expansion into the airline snack business and maintaining vigorous New Product Development programmes for existing and prospective customers.

Continued quality improvement with BRC – Global Food – Issue 6 (the 10th year the company has been accredited), Soil Association Mark for Organic products (12th Year), Flo Mark approval for Fairtraid products, continued H.A.C.C.P. improvement of its site systems.

UK Snacks Ltd are currently exhibiting at international food exhibitions and are expanding exports of products to Ireland, Portugal, Germany and France.

Our plans for the future:

  • Continued expansion of customer base
  • Major multiple packing
  • Export to Europe
  • Hospitality business
  • Expansion of Organic range
  • Expansion of Fairtraid range
  • Complete automation of frying system
  • New investment in frying processes
  • New investment in packing machines
  • New Investment in laser sorting machines